JPOD – Halfsteppin Jan 1, 2012
SWS.006 - Halfsteppin

JPOD intentionally distributed Halfsteppin across a wide variety of tempos. Uplifting melodic progressions, intricate textures and his ever-present bassic bounce are consistent throughout the release. JPOD’s rhythm skills combine with the freshness of half-time drum patterns and organic swing to create a compelling character of sound. Halfsteppin is no short achievement, aiming to take you on a dynamic journey along the twists and turns of an audibly alluring adventure.

01. Bamboo Juice
02. Dubble Dribble
03. Culture Clash
04. Creeper Blues
05. Round the Corner
06. Voz de Loca
07. Plot Twist
08. Tippy Toes
09. Ethereal Shuffle
10. Come Closer
11. Get Smart
12. As the Crow Flies
13. Heyouwitha
14. Bed Chime Story
15. Miniature Monsoon