Dephicit – Space Cakes EP Apr 20, 2016

Dephicit, the talented audio sorcerer will lure you to the ‘fun side’ using pristine, contemplative melodies which are elegantly juxtaposed with grimy funk beats. He masterfully creates a digital playground by injecting glitchy fun directly into the funk-time continuum. So whether you want to chill in the dream lounge while ingesting audio ‘Space Cakes (yum!)’ or join Rockford and ‘Boulder Dash’ to booty smash on the dance floor, or maybe you just want to witness the mighty Mouldy Soul make his guest appearance as he redefines what it means to get ‘Cosmic Crunk’. Whatever your reasons, Space Cakes by Dephicit promises to deliver a surplus of exactly what you need.

01. Space Cakes Yum
02. Cosmic Crunk
03. Boulder Dash
04. Cosmic Crunk (Mouldy Soul remix)

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