Bran Van 3000 – Drinkin in LA (JPOD & The Funk Hunters remix)

This remix has been a special one for us. We came up with the concept and created it entirely on the road during the Canadian Ghetto Funk tour last spring. While squished together in the back seat of a small car winding through the Rocky Mountains and powering three laptops off one inverter, we found just enough elbow room to combine our skills and mash out this extremely catchy tune straight from the late 90s summer charts! It quickly became a staple set-closer for many JPOD and Funk Hunters sets and it’s been a real treat to sing along with you at the end of the night whenever this gets dropped. We’ve received a great deal of requests for this remix, so we’re happy to finally let this one loose as a Thank You gift for all the amazing support this past year! Much love from Pod, Nick, and Dunks :)

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